How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to be the envy of your neighbors and have the most beautiful and lustrous lawn in the whole neighborhood?

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower
How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

You’re in the right place!

In this lawn mower buying guide you will learn:

Why buy a lawn mower?

The prices of lawn care service’s company based on a number of factors, including the size of the property, the amount of labor required and the market in which you live. If you have a garden or a plot with a lawn, of course, you know it requires frequent maintenance.

Why buy a lawn mower?
Why buy a lawn mower?

The best ally in these cases is an automatic or manual lawn mower since this work will facilitate your work.

With this tool, you can cut the grass at your leisure, as it has different cutting configurations.

This machine will also help you to have a lawn that is always in good condition. Remember that as the grass grows, it dries up.  When you mow the lawn, your garden will look alive and look beautiful. It’s only the first part of proper lawn care

How many types of lawn mowers are there?

Today, there are many types of lawn mowers available on the market, each with specific characteristics that differentiate them from each other. Next, the most outstanding qualities of each one are highlighted so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

How many types of lawn mowers are there
How many types of lawn mowers are there

There are electric, gasoline, and robotic lawn mowers. Also, there are those with and without cables. You can get a little dizzy with so many models! We will tell you everything you need to know to choose the right lawn mower.

The different lawn mower models

In principle, you can classify mowers according to the fuel they use:

  1. Manual or push mowers

This type of lawn mower is the most traditional in gardening. Despite being an old model, many people still prefer it. Manual lawn mowers work through the thrust force employed by its users.

This force moves the device while turning an internal rail with integrated blades that are helical in shape and push the grass to a fixed blade functioning as a scissor.

These models are easy to use and are ideal for small gardens that do not have unevenness. Besides, they work very well for all those people who like the simplest things.

Their opposite is the self-propelled mowers.

  1. Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are designed to be easy to use.  They stand out because they are ecological, silent, and because they do not need frequent maintenance. All you have to do is replace or keep the blade sharp.

The disadvantage of these machines is that they need to stay plugged in when they are being used. Therefore, it can be somewhat tricky to use them in extensive gardens.  It is recommended to use it in areas of the maximum of 500m2 since it is not convenient to work with cables that are too large.

  1. Battery-powered mowers

This type of lawn mower offers similar advantages to electric models. However, it stands out because its operation does not depend on an electrical outlet.

The battery models have a certain period of autonomy before the battery runs out. And usually, they can be in operation for more than an hour, depending on the model and its capabilities.

Sometimes it is convenient to have an extra battery to replace it in case you need to work in extensive gardens that require a lot of time.  In those cases, a single battery will not be enough. You should know that the powers of the battery-powered lawn mowers are not as large as that of the electric mowers. Hence, their performance in areas where the grass has a considerable size could be reduced.

  1. Gasoline lawn mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are high-performance machines that can reach high powers. They have sufficient autonomy to work in gardens with surfaces of up to 2000 square meters.

These models do not present difficulties on uneven terrain. They cut quickly even if the grass has considerable height.

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In addition to the previous classification, we can find two types of lawn mowers that are worth classifying partly by their special characteristics:

  1. The robotic lawn mower: Fully autonomous and independent, they will mow the lawn for you, and you can program the cutoff frequency according to the season of the year in which you are. A really special feature!
  2. The lawn mower tractor: These are used in large areas with a lot of grass.

What does it mean that a mower is self-propelled?

For some, this seems like a very obvious question. But in reality, there are many people who don’t know what a self-propelled lawn mower is.

A self-propelled or traction mower has an engine that aids movement. So you don’t have to push the lawn mower all over the garden.

They are recommended for large areas of land were mowing the lawn would be too heavy a task.

Self-propelled mowers usually have an accelerator on the handle or a button with a lock to make them startups. Once pressed, you will only have to accompany their movement across the surface.

Mulching Lawn mower

Mulching lawn mowers have become fashionable lately. Maybe it may sound a little weird, but it’s really something very simple.

The word “Mulching” means crushing in English. The lawn mower has some special blades that instead of mowing the lawn, what it does is crush it and leave very thin blades of grass that remain scattered throughout the garden.

The cut grass is distributed throughout the garden helping to nourish it naturally. This is very beneficial since these grass remains can account for up to 50% of the number of nutrients the grass receives.

Factors to consider to choose the right lawn mower

If you have a garden, whether large or small, you will need a good lawn mower. You will find many models in the market. So if you want to choose the most suitable for you, it is important that you pay attention to the following characteristics.

  • Power

One of the most important characteristics of a lawn mower is power. The greater it is, the better it will cut difficult sections. It is advisable to choose a model with more than 1200W of power. With that, you can rest assured of a good performance.

If you have to face a large meadow, it is best to buy a lawn mower that has good power. Gasoline mowers tend to be the most powerful, but if your terrain is not too large, a battery-powered electric one may be enough.

Choosing an option with lower power will require greater effort and time. Also, the machine will likely have trouble moving on long grasses. This will require you to move it through the same place twice to get the level you want.

What power is adequate?

Power should be one of the main factors to consider if you want to choose the right lawn mower for your lawn. Follow our guide, so you do not fail your choice!

  • Less than 1000 Watts recommended for gardens up to 250 m².
  • Between 1000-1500 Watts recommended for grasslands of up to 500 m².
  • More than 1500 Watts recommended for meadows between 500-1000 m².

For larger gardens, we recommend you buy a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower that has more power, or even a lawn mower tractor if the surface area is very large.

  • Blades

The blades are the tools that will make the mowing possible, so you must look at them. Keep in mind that the more blades the machine has, the more effective its cutting will be.

What is recommended is to choose a model that has a minimum of 4. If not, you must pass the machine more times through the grass to be able to cut it, even if it has good power.

Lawn mowers also differ in the type of cutting blades they have.  One of them is the cylindrical or helical type. They are models that cut with a scissor-like movement.

These machines do not work very well in wet grasses, and to get good results, you must cut the grass frequently. Another model is the floating lawn mower, ideal for use in small and medium extensions.

They are less manageable than the helical type, but it works very well on irregular surfaces.  The third type of blades you will find are the ones that have a rotary system. These incorporate a blade at the bottom, which rotates to cut the grass. It is the most used in domestic environments.

  • Width and height of the cut

Another aspect you should consider to choose the right mower is the width and height of the cut. The greater the width, for example, the fewer attempts you will have to make in the garden. In addition, you should consider that, the greater the cutting width, the greater the power that the machine will need.

In regards to the height of the cut, you should evaluate the minimum value that it offers. This will tell you what is the minimum length to which you can leave your lawn. The standard is usually around 2.5cm in most equipment.  In maximum size, on the other hand, it can vary. This value is important, especially if you plan to work on tall grasses. In any case, the height of the cut is, in general, adjustable between 3 and 6 levels.

  • Traction

The way forward of the machine will depend on its traction. This is usually a characteristic that many overlook, but which is of great importance for the performance of the work.

The simplest models are usually those with manual traction. This means that the mower does not drive, but it will be you who must push the machine to go through the garden while it is cutting. Meanwhile, if it is a small or uneven garden, this will not be a problem.

However, if it is large and it is an area with irregularities, it is best to choose the right lawnmower with traction. This type of machine has a second engine that is responsible for moving the wheels. Thus, the user only has to drive the machine on the ground.

In case you have a huge garden (of more than 600 square meters, for example), it would be best to choose an autonomous machine. These are the robotic lawn mowers, a small tool that is mounted on a charging base. It looks like a robot vacuum cleaner but obviously has a larger volume.

  • Collection bag

The majority of lawn mowers have some grass collecting trays that, as their name indicates, are used to collect the grass trimmed in sacks that are found in the back.

The time you can work without interruption depends on the capacity of the grass collection bag. Keep in mind that it will do you no good to have a powerful lawn mower with great autonomy if your bag is small and will be filled up in just a short time.

That is why it is essential that you look at their capacity. This capacity varies from one lawn mower to another. This capacity is measured in liters, and it is recommended that you choose a model that is between 35 and 40 liters minimum. This will be a factor to take into account when trying to choose the right lawn mower according to your garden. This factor determines the number of times you will have to stop to empty it and be able to continue with the work.

The robotic lawn mowers, for example, and some types of tractor-type lawn mowers do not have this grass collection option. So they are equipped with a blowing system that ejects the grass cut by one side or the back.

However, if you want to avoid the problem of emptying the bag, opt for a model that has a mulching function. As said earlier, this is a special operation of the blades which is responsible for crushing the remains of grass to turn them into tiny wisps. In this way, you can return the grass to the ground with a suitable size so that it becomes natural fertilizer.

Other factors to consider

  • Cutting width. Look closely at the mower’s cutting width, because the smaller the cutting width, the more passes you will have to take to cover the entire surface.
  • Height adjustment. If you are one of those who like to cut the grass precisely, there are many models with height adjustment that can cut with several levels.
  • Where are you going to keep it? If you have a large storage room where you can store your lawn mower, you will have no problems. But if you have a small space, look for a smaller lawn mower and with the foldable handlebar to make it easier to store.

How to choose the right lawn mower according to your garden characteristics

Think carefully about the characteristics of your garden before choosing a lawn mower. The inclination and the extension of the terrain are determining factors when you want to choose the right lawn mower.

Some robotic lawn mowers are not recommended for maximum inclination. So if you have a garden that has a lot of slopes, it will not be recommended for you.

The length of the meadow will also determine which lawn mower is suitable for your garden. As a rule, electric lawn mowers are less powerful than gasoline mowers, so they are recommended for surfaces of less than 600 m². However, for extensions of more than 1500 m², we recommend a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower. And for larger extensions, you may consider buying a lawn mower tractor.

How much does a lawn mower cost?

Price is an important factor to consider when you want to choose the right lawn mower. You should know that the cost of these machines varies depending on their model, power, and functions.

How much does a lawn mower cost
How much does a lawn mower cost

Its price range ranges from around 100 to 500 GBP. However, there are cheap mowers for less than 100 pounds that are also of quality, as is the case of the Einhell GC-EM 1536.

If you are looking for a cheap gasoline mower, the Greencut GLM660SX model could be a great option.  Although it is of manual traction, it has a double-edged blade with an adjustable cutting height in 7 positions and a 40-liter collection bag. Its price does not exceed 180 GBP. There are also much more expensive models that even exceed 400 GBP. The Toro 20961 Recycler is one of them since its price is almost 800 euros.

Is a cheap lawn mower recommended?

The quality is quite related to the price, and although there are cheap mowers that can meet your needs, if you want to get good results, you will have to spend a little more money.

In any case, set a budget and look for the model that offers you the best features within that price range.

In the market, there is a great variety of prices, and they do not always go hand in hand with quality. The usual thing is that the highest-priced mowers are the best quality and offer the best features. But sometimes there are cheap mower models that perfectly meet expectations.

One of the most successful lawn mower models in terms of sales and user opinions is the Einhell BG-EM 1030. This lawn mower has an exceptional price and is more than enough for gardens that are not too big.

However, if you have a large garden, you will have to opt for a lawn mower of a higher range. This is basically because the engines of cheap mowers are usually limited and will not be sufficient for large-area gardens.

How to use a lawn mower

Using a lawn mower is a task that is not usually difficult. But it is necessary to take into account certain safety aspects and become familiar with each component of the appliance to know the ideal operation of the machine.

lawn mower 2020
How to use a lawn mower 2020

First, it is recommended that you know exactly what kind of materials the machine is capable of cutting and prevent those that cannot be cut from getting stuck in the device.

Also, before starting to use the lawn mower, make sure that all parts are properly adjusted in place and that there are no blunt objects in the field where you are going to work that hinder or impair the operation of the machine.

At the time of operating your lawn mower, you must have the appropriate clothes and shoes to perform the work.  This includes the use of goggles and gloves that guarantee your safety. This way, you can avoid any type of accident. Remember that being a device that cuts, any carelessness can be dangerous while the device is on.

If the mower becomes locked with any object, you must turn it off before performing any inspection. It is also important that while it is in operation, there are no animals or children around the garden or land.

At the end of the work, you must keep your tools and keep them protected and in good condition.  You must ensure at all times that the blades of your lawn mower are sharp so that they cut the grass optimally.

Finally, it is always advisable to carefully read the instruction manual of the device, since not all work in the same way.

Would you like to know how to care for your lawn mower?

When you buy a lawn mower and make an economic investment in an excellent tool, the last thing you want is to break down due to a lack of maintenance. Hence, we show you some care and maintenance tips for a lawn mower.

The specific maintenance of a lawn mower depends in part on the model it is. However, the general cleaning of this type of machine is similar. To do it properly, you must make sure that the device is turned off.  You must also tilt it back to be able to clean the interior area. This is where you will remove the remains of grass.  You can use a hose for this and then dry the area thoroughly.

Also, you should clean the wheels, blades, chassis, and belt well. Keep in mind that if you do not do the correct maintenance, your machine could break down, hence, reducing its life.

How to maintain your lawn mower like a pro

This will mostly depend on the sort of equipment you have. The most difficult type of mower to deal with is a gas-operated mower. Whether or not it is self-propelled, a gas mower has an engine that has vulnerable parts. There is a need to change the oil, replace your spark plugs, and change or clean air filters on a regular basis.

Though a very powerful machine, a gas mower demands consistent attention from the owner. The manual reel mower is the easiest to maintain. It barely needs any care, perhaps removing stuck grass clippings from the cutting deck, but the downside is that it is driven physically by you.

Another thing is that the reel mower is the safest to use around children and pets and it is the slowest. Electric mowers have motors and other parts that could require replacement if the equipment is replaced. Each lawn mower is different and so if you will maintain it yourself you should use a guidebook from the manufacturer. If there are special problems you have noted, go online and search for solutions.

If your new lawn mower is made by a popular brand, there will be so many people who will write about it on blogs and forums. You can also ask technical questions and the experts who participate in forums and other internet sites will be glad to help. If you are looking to replace your mower, do not just pick the most difficult to maintain.

Get equipment that you could maintain by yourself at home. Regarding maintenance as well, you could let someone else repair your mower in exchange for money. But you can save money just by learning to do simple things that make mowers last longer. Mostly, you will want to keep the blades sharp.

How to prevent Lawn mower injuries

Thousands of accidents and injuries happen every year in the United States because of improper use of the mower or using a faulty mower. The most common injuries are triggered by ride-on-mowers in other developed countries, and the thing that causes a major concern is that several kids are involved.

When using this kind of mower you need to spare your kids the ride. Children who are below 12 years should never be allowed near any lawn mower. The older kid who is in his teenage can ride a ride-on mower though. It is always wise to never lift the mower from the bottom as the blade could cut your fingers regardless of whether or not it is running.

Another thing you must always do is to wear your safety clothing: closed-in shoes, goggles, gloves, long pants and muffs to protect your ears. Then when you turn off the machine, do not touch it immediately as it will be adequately hot to burn you. Never cut damp grass with your mower, always maintain your mower and drive it when you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wrapping Up

Lawn mowers are essential for the proper maintenance of the gardens. When trying to choose the right lawn mower, remember to evaluate its power, its type of blades, cut, and collection bag. Compare models so you can buy the most suitable one according to your needs.

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