Bengal Roach Spray Review. Everything You Need to Know

Bengal roach spray is the best roach killer in 2023. I would highly recommend Bengal Roach Spray to anybody, but I would love to share my experience with roach control with this product before recommending this product.

Bengal Roach Spray Review – Best Roach Killer in 2023

Today, we are going to review Bengal Roach Spray.

I always ask, “How can I get rid of cockroaches?”

So the easiest thing you can do is go to a hardware store or Amazon and buy a can of Bengal Gold Roach Spray. ūüėČ

Bengal Gold Roach Spray isn’t going to be the cheapest spray available on the market, but it does work¬†the best.
Bengal Roach Spray Review - Best Roach Killer

The reason is that because this product has a flushing agent, the chemicals are dry and have a flushing agent. (A plus point)

The other brands do not flush the amount of hiding. Now this kills the roaches you see on contact, right? If you see one cockroach, there is probably more you do not see.

So, in this article, we will talk about the following:

Are you Crazy about killing cockroaches? And are you looking for a Roach Killer? Cockroaches can be a big headache for you if you start seeing roach heads popping out of almost every corner of your house, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen, as these two are the main breeding areas of these roaches.

If you have a similar situation in your house, it is excellent to know that they can vanish in a few days only with little effort.

Bengal Roach Killer Spray is one of the best solutions in the market for the destruction of roaches. It is available on Amazon as well as other online supplier websites.

Easy to use and efficient in results, this spray can free your house from every kind of roach without putting much effort into it.

There are two types of Bengal Roach Killer Sprays available in the market:

1. Bengal Roach Spray – Best for Small Apartments.

Bengal Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Spray, 9 Oz. Aerosol Can
1,361 Reviews
Bengal Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Spray, 9 Oz. Aerosol Can
  • 9 OZ. INSECT KILLER SPRAY: Proficiently flushes and kills roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, and other insects you see and don't see to ensure a bug-free environment
  • REACHES HIDING BUGS: Dry, powerful spray penetrates deep into cracks, crevices, and other hard to reach areas to drive out hidden roaches and kill them
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: Reaches to fill voids behind walls when sprayed and effortlessly carries the killing agent deep into the infestation

It is a permethrin-based product that uses a unique dry content to be sprayed into areas where the roaches primarily hide the hidden and discreet gaps, like cracks and splits.

Bengal is considered the best product in the Pest Control market due to its comparative advantages. Some of these are listed below:

  • Dry and odorless so that it does not leave a stain on the surface when applied and not being smelly is a PLUS!
  • Less costly than other techniques.
  • The product can eradicate the entire family of roaches if you retreat them again and again when necessary.
  • Penetrates deep down into the home of roaches and slays them one after the other.
  • If necessary, retreating after every four weeks can make your house clean, green, and free of roaches.

2. Bengal Gold Roach Spray – More Effective.

It is an advanced version of the Roach Spray mentioned above. As evident by its name, it can produce GOLD EFFECTS because it involves the usage of the IGR- Insect Growth Regulator. It can increase the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of the product.

So what this technology does is it sterilizes the adult roaches and makes them unable to reproduce.

It is incredible for you to know that it has the capability of accomplishing ‘Birth Control‘ for roaches. The baby roaches are stopped from being developed into mature adult roaches.

The roaches affected by IGR (insect growth regulator) may have warped or twisted wings, which indicates that the product is working. 

Following is a list of some features of this product:

  • It eliminates roaches by thwarting reproduction.
  • The incursion of cockroaches is barred for up to 6 months.
  • Besides killing cockroaches, it is very effective on ants, mosquitoes, and spiders.
  • Quickly reaches out and carries the kill to the cockroaches inside their hiding places using dry content.
  • It flushes out the cockroaches and kills them more effectively than any water-based aerosol spray.
  • Odorless and less harmful to humans.
  • Controlling roaches in the home.

Like Roach Spray, the Bengal roach spray gold is available in two package sizes of 9oz. And 11 oz.

  • Highly effective in preventing cockroach reproduction.
  • It prevents the reinfestation of roaches.
  • No odor or mess.
  • Contains Nylar.
  • Do not forget to read the instructions before using this product.

Comparison – Bengal Roach Spray vs. Bengal Gold Roach Spray

Editor's Pick
Bengal Roach Killer, 11 oz, Can, Viscous Liquid, Mild Ethereal, Spray, 4 Count
Bengal Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Spray, 9 Oz. Aerosol Can
Bengal Gold Roach Spray
Bengal Roach Spray
Prevents Reinfestation
for up to 6 Months
for up to 4 Months
Instant Action
Contains Nylar
Safe for Pets & Children
Prime Advantage
Editor's Pick
Bengal Roach Killer, 11 oz, Can, Viscous Liquid, Mild Ethereal, Spray, 4 Count
Bengal Gold Roach Spray
Prevents Reinfestation
for up to 6 Months
Instant Action
Contains Nylar
Safe for Pets & Children
Prime Advantage
Bengal Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Spray, 9 Oz. Aerosol Can
Bengal Roach Spray
Prevents Reinfestation
for up to 4 Months
Instant Action
Contains Nylar
Safe for Pets & Children
Prime Advantage

How Does Bengal Gold Roach Spray Work?

how does bengal gold roach spray work

It is very amusing to know that cockroaches are very tough creatures.

They are even more challenging than humans when it comes to surviving radiation. Also, they can hold their breath for 40 mins which helps them stay in the water.

Moreover, they can live without water for months and even survive without their heads for weeks.

So, this is what makes this kind of solid creature not killed in seconds.

It does a chemical reaction that affects their head and body, paralyzing them and causing death. As the concentration level is too low for humans, it is less harmful.

What Is The Best Time For Using This Product?

what is the best time for using this product

Summer is a good time for cockroaches to grow. The increase in temperature can cause the multiplication of cockroaches and similar breeds in houses, causing prodigious discomfort.

Not only this, but it plays a significant role in spreading allergens in the house. With the dust and allergens combined, many people suffer from significant allergies and more of that kind.

You might see them merely during the day, but it is a problem at night! If you have the habit of reaching out to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk or water in the late hours of the night. WATCH OUT! You might step onto one!! ūüėÄ

When you see that the roaches are multiplying fast in your area, it is the perfect time to go to the store and buy the Bengal Roach spray or get it delivered online!

Why Is Bengal The Best Roach Spray On The Market?

why is bengal the best roach spray on the market

Killer sprays are usually made of aerosol content, and those sprays tend to use a water-based delivery system means they contain more water inside.

This technique makes them less effective for killing roaches in the cracks and small hiding areas of cockroaches, leading to more mess in your home while also losing money and leaving the cockroaches unkilled and multiplying themselves very fast.

Along with the Bengal Roach Spray being cost-effective, it can kill roaches 20 times more efficiently and effectively than other roach killers. Some of these are listed below, and others you might notice after trying it once on your own!

  • It is scorched and odorless, so it does not mess around.
  • It is not like the other water-based aerosol sprays and leaves a sticky residue on the surface.
  • It kills all kinds of roaches and ants, mosquitoes, and spiders too
  • Efficient enough to kill 20 times more roaches
  • It is bug-free and
  • Very reasonable to buy
  • It infiltrates into cracks and hives, killing every kind and size of roach.

How To Use Bengal Roach Spray More Effectively?

how to use bengal roach spray more effectively

After you have got the can of Bengal Roach Killer Spray from the market, you can perform the following for usage:

  1. Pull open the can’s cap, insert the extension tube provided into the spray button on the top, and WHEWWW!
  2. Ensure you have not ignored all the crucial areas, such as the back of the fridge and underneath the area, cracks or crawling spaces, such as below the sink and behind the baseboard areas, near doors and windows, inside the cabinets, etc… Where the roaches hide the most.
  3. It would be best if you cleaned up after killing roaches.
  4. Retreat after four weeks if you still see some roaches around.


  • Do not allow adults, children, or pets to enter the area when spraying or until the spray has dried.
  • Do not spray into drains or sewers, or any other similar areas.
  • Be careful when spraying in the kitchen or areas. It would be best if you covered the food completely.
  • Avoid contact with heat or flame.
  • You have to be sure to wear a mask when spraying.

This is a superior option in many ways. You might sway over this product and be anxious to grab one from the market after knowing all the benefits and fantastic customer reviews you have tried and are still using to eliminate the roaches from your house.

Bengal Spray Is a Super-strong Roach Killer.

  • It kills roaches as they hatch.
  • Innovative dry spray leaves no odor, no mess, and a place free of roaches.
  • The powerful technique infiltrates deep down into the cracks and kills them.
  • Apart from killing those insects you see, it also kills other insects you might not even notice.
  • The decisive action drives insects out of their hiding places and kills them.
  • It sterilizes them and stops reproduction.
  • It is up to 4 months or even six months residual.
  • Retreating can lead to the complete eradication of roaches from your houses.
  • Safe roach spray for pets

The only problem with this product is that it might freak you out because it drives the roaches out of their hiding places and knocks them down to have a sight full of dead cockroaches spread all around you.

And yes, don’t forget to buy a bigger can so that it covers all the areas thoroughly and you make the most of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bengal Roach Spray Safe for Families and Pets?

is bengal roach spray safe for families and pets

This product is safe to use indoors, and it would be best to read the label instructions carefully when using Bengal roach spray safe for pets.

The manufacturer’s suppliers recommend wearing a face mask when spraying to prevent inhalation. Ensure people and pets are out of the room before you spray. The formula has to dry before re-entering the room.

Before returning to the area, you sprayed. Ensure the room is well-ventilated. There are no longer fumes, more fresh air, and no fumes when you want to come back where you sprayed.

Where To Buy Bengal Roach Spray?

where to buy bengal roach spray

If you have time, you can stop by stores like The Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Walgreens, etc. However, if you’re busy, you can buy Bengal roaches on E-commerce stores like Amazon, making it easier to place an order.

What Bugs Does Bengal Roach Spray Kill?

what bugs does bengal roach spray kill

Bengal products are a dry spray that can get deep into cracks and crevices to kill roaches where they hide! This effective spray was designed to flush and kill cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, fire ants, spiders, and other crawling or flying insects.

What Is The Best Roach Killer At Home Depot?

what is the best roach killer at home depot

They have a lot of product bug spray at home depot for roaches. Bengal Roach spray is a top-rated product. Suppose you don’t like to use home roach spray.

You can take a look at the website of Home Depot. They have comparable products such as Bengal bug bombs, Bengal crawling insect killers, and Bengal roach bombs.

Where Do You Spray Bengal Roach Spray?

where do you spray bengal roach spray

It will be more potent if your spray penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to drive roaches out to die. It can be more effective at home by reducing roach populations by using it underneath the kitchens and bathroom sinks, especially where the pipes go through the wall, such as the waterline.

Is Bengal Roach Spray Harmful To Humans?

is bengal roach spray harmful to humans

The Bengal Gold Roach Spray is safe to use indoors, following instructions appropriately. The manufacturer recommends wearing a face mask and taking care of pets, children, or adults before spraying so they don’t contact the product, which can cause inhalation risk if ingested.

How Long Does It Take For Bengal Roach Spray To Work?

how long does it take for bengal roach spray to work

Bengal Roach Spray is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a way to rid your home of pesky roaches. The product works by irritating them before they die; this leads their bodies to run out of order so they can be disposed of properly and thoroughly.

When these insects come into contact with our unique blend – which includes itchiness-they shall quickly feel death’s cold embrace!

What Is The Difference Between Bengal Roach Spray and Bengal Gold Roach Spray?

what is the difference between bengal roach spray and bengal gold roach spray

The Bengal GOLD spray is the real deal. It contains a residue lasting six months and kills bugs, while regular sprays only have residual effects, lasting between 3-4 weeks at most!

Is Bengal Roach Spray Safe for Babies?

is bengal roach spray safe for babies

Bengal Roach Spray is a popular household insecticide effective against many roaches and other pests. However, Bengal Roach Spray is also highly toxic to humans and animals and should be used with caution around children and pets.

Bengal Roach Spray is particularly dangerous to babies, who are more likely to put their hands or toys in their mouths after contact with the spray.

If you must use Bengal Roach Spray in your home, follow the directions carefully and keep children and pets away from treated areas until the spray has dried.

Does Spraying Roach Spray Work?

does spraying roach spray work

Yes, roach spray works. This is because roach spray contains potent pesticides that kill roaches on contact. These pesticides target the roaches’ nervous systems, causing them to stop moving and eventually die. In addition, roach spray will continue to work even after applying it as long as roaches contact it.

So if you spray roach spray in a room where roaches have been spotted, the roaches will be repelled and eventually killed. Thus, roach spray is the way to go if you want to get rid of roaches.

Whether you use an old-fashioned aerosol can or buy a newer gel formula, roach spray will kill those minor bugs quickly and effectively every time. Your home will be roach-free in no time at all.

Can I Use Bengal Roach Spray in the Car?

can i use bengal roach spray in the car

Yes, you can use Bengal cockroach spray in your car. This powerful insecticide is designed to kill cockroaches in your car quickly and effectively, so it will be more than capable of taking on any roach problem that has made its way into your car.

To start, be sure to turn on the air conditioning as much as possible, as cockroaches are less likely to survive in warm and dry environments. Then, prepare a small area in your car where you can carry out the cockroach treatment process.

This may include vacuuming any cockroaches you see crawling around or simply cleaning and disinfecting areas where cockroaches have made themselves at home.

Once you have done this, spray the targeted area with Bengal cockroach until it is completely coated. Repeat as needed until all roaches in your car are gone.

Regularly vacuuming or cleaning your car and treatments using Bengal cockroach spray can keep your car pest-free for good!

Cockroaches love eating anything and everything, but they may not be interested in your car if you keep it clean. Ensure no trash is left behind or near the vehicle, avoid eating, and permanently remove food sources.

Also, don’t park too close to woodpiles because this will encourage more roach activity!

We teach you to use Bengal Roach Spray in less than one minute. With this knowledge, you can become your own bug man and destroy those pesky bugs yourself. So, don’t call a professional bug killer or an exterminator company when you want to control roaches infestation in your house – do it yourself with Bengal spray for roaches.

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