Best Kitchen Faucets (2018 Updated) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the “Best Kitchen Faucets 2018 Reviews and Buyer’s guide” 🙂

People say the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food. But I have little bit different perception.

It isn’t something limited only to women. I do love cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the mess with my wife and I think it’s beautiful.

I am NOT very good at these tasks but I don’t know why I love this place that much. 🙂

Geoffrey Rush says,

“I always had a fantasy of being a chef, because I like kitchen life.”

And I think I am going through the very same feelings. Laura Esquivel explains this thing in an even better way.

“She calls cooking as the best ceremony of women.”

Moreover, in her words “when recipes are put together, the kitchen is a chemical laboratory air, fire, water and earth” are love.

However, in order to keep the environment beautiful, we need proper maintenance and that too on time. The cleaning process is an everyday routine and it keeps the kitchen out of the mess.

I am talking about the other components that wear out after a certain period of time. Some of the major elements are sinks, taps, water purifier, cabinets, carpet cleaner, draws, faucets, handles, and knobs.

Now keep this in mind that they are metallic components and they do not need a frequent replacement. But still, they do show wear and tear effects and thus no option but to change.

Other than that, we upgrade our hardware on special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween too.

At this point, our major focus would be best kitchen faucets.

I’ll be discussing other things too but let’s keep them for future. 😉

The important part here is that faucets nowadays come with a lifetime warranty so it’s very unlikely for them to get damage. Nonetheless, there are some cases where they may start leakage or get corrosion.

According to the report by Consumer Reports, there are four major companies that manufacture faucets in the US.

They are Delta, Moen, Kohler and American Standard. They do not have a visible difference in performance and life but sure they vary in shapes.

Check out our pricing and comparison table if you are in hurry 😉

Check Price
  • Finish
  • Material
  • Weight
  • No. of Holes
Editor’s Choice
American Standard Delancey
American Standard Delancey
  • Nickel
  • Metal
  • 5.7 lbs
  • 1
Comllen Faucet
Comllen Faucet
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Solid Brass
  • 6.3 lbs
  • 1
Editor’s Pick
Delta Faucet Linden
Delta Faucet Linden
  • Arctic Stainless
  • Metal
  • 5.57 lbs
  • 3
KOHLER Artifacts
KOHLER Artifacts
  • Polished nickel
  • Metal
  • 8.05 lbs
  • 1
Moen Arbor
Moen Arbor
  • Spot Resist Stainless
  • Metal
  • 6.25 lbs
  • 1
Check Price
    • Finish
    • Material
    • Weight
    • No. of Holes
Kraus KPF-1602
Kraus KPF-1602
  • Chrome
  • Solid Brass
  • 10.3 lbs
  • 1
Delta 4453-SS-DST
Delta 4453-SS-DST
  • Stainless Steel
  • Metal
  • 5.4 lbs
  • 4
Delta Lahara
Delta Lahara
  • Champagne Bronze
  • Metal
  • 6 lbs
  • 3
Rich Design
Peerless Choice
Peerless Choice
  • Chrome
  • Metal
  • 3.5 lbs
  • 4
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Brass
  • 2.6 lbs
  • 1

How To Choose Faucet:

So there’s our main concern.

What are the criteria for selection here?

Well, there is a number of parameters that govern this answer of this question.

Let’s deal with them one by one. 🙂

Water Flow:

Water flow means how much water do we need to flow in Kitchen Faucet. Let’s analyze which areas utilize water the most. Our bathrooms, kitchen, and garden are major subjects.

Garden watering doesn’t consume that much water as compared to other two so we kick it out of the list.

Bathrooms and Kitchen are the remaining two and we can consider them equal in the sense that they eat up an equal amount of water.

Furthermore, leakage is another issue here.

A continuous leak for a year can cost you some 3000 gallons of water annually and that’s damn too high.

So we need faucets that can deliver water at good potential when in use and stop water from wastage when not in use.

Federal Energy Management Act 1992 limits the faucets to have a maximum of 2.5-gallon water flowrate. This will keep water from waste.


The design is another important consideration. It is mostly related to the type of faucet. For example, there are six types of faucets which we will discuss in detail below.

Pull Down Faucet: In this faucet, they handle of the faucet has to be pulled down to make water go out.

Pull Out Faucet: Lever resides at the top of spray in this type of faucet. You need to pull out the level.

Industrial Faucet: Industrial faucets come with plenty of designs and they are different from consumer faucets. Commercially they are made to provide ease in washing.

Touchless Faucet: They are innovative faucets with motion sensors installed in them. They leave the water by sensing the human skin.

Faucet With Separate Spray: I consider it more of a luxury than of innovation. This type of faucet has different bodies of spray and lever.

Two Handled Faucet: Two-handled faucets have been traditionally used in last century. Their most common use is having different temperature water in pipes which work adjacent to the levers.

Number of Holes:

A number of holes are a useful and most important parameter here.

Before buying a new faucet, remember to check how many holes does your sink has. Most probably they will range from one to four. It is essential because not every faucet can settle with every type of sink.

For example, you can install one holed faucet into 3 holed sink because can’t do the reverse. We have four major types here and they are:

  • Single Hole Faucet: They are the simple sinks having a single hole for spout and mixing handles.
  • Centre Set Faucet: Usually not suitable for the kitchen but go well with bathrooms. They have three holes.
  • Widespread Mounts Faucet: We have three holes in three parts here—two handles and one spout.
  • Wall Mounted Faucet: They are the latest styled faucet that is mounted on the wall with no major difference in holes than above three.

Type of Finish:

This doesn’t look like a parameter at first but the thing is that you don’t buy faucets every day. So why not buy one with a good finish.

There is three type of finishes you may find:

  • Chrome Finish: It looks very shiny and it’s inexpensive too. However, it has some quality issues. Its shiny surface wears out more quickly than other ones.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is corrosion resistant material and it doesn’t lose its brightness that easily.
  • Brushed Nickel: This material promises to give extra-long shining time but at the cost of few more dollars. It doesn’t get affected by water and hand surface.

Best Kitchen Faucets:

Now there comes an essential part. Here I present before you some of the best faucets for your kitchen. To my surprise, even Consumer Reports didn’t provide any authentic list and that made me decide that I am going to test some good faucets here.

My team includes four technical experts and ten consumers for this purpose.

After hectic testing of four weeks and testing 25 faucets, I am here with my top 10 list of the best Kitchen Faucets. They all have their own designs and properties. It depends on you which suits you in the best scenario.

1. American Standard Delancey (Editor’s Pick)

Best kitchen faucetsAmerican Standard has been producing plumbing good since 2007 which doesn’t seem to be a very long time but it has managed to grab some serious market share.

According to the report by Builder Magazine, American Standards ranks top in the list of bathroom accessories. Delancey is a pull-out faucet made up of stainless steel.

It is available in three variants—legacy bronze, polished chrome and stainless steel having different price tags with bronze one being the most expensive one.

There are no major differences in the performance but finishes do differ here.

We have a gooseneck-shaped faucet with a pull-out hose at the end. On the right side, we have the control lever which fits greatly into the hand.

The package includes faucet, installation components, and warranty card. The material looks fine and shiny thanks to the stainless steel surface.

I don’t see any performance lags here. Water comes out of the hose in a smooth pattern.

Within one month of use, I found no water spots or any other kind of issues with the metal surface.

However, we have a hefty price tag here and I was expecting it from the top brand.

I recommend buying stainless steel here over bronze one because it doesn’t really make any major difference in finish.

Furthermore, bronze one has a black and dull color which doesn’t look nice in the kitchen. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks on quality material, you got your faucet on the top of the list.

  • Quality Finish
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Variety
  • Expensive

2. Comllen Best Commercial Stainless Steel Faucet:

best kitchen faucetsWhen big brands such as American Standard and others were involved in making hefty products, Comllen came out of nowhere and introduced its affordable faucet which promises the very same quality and performance.

It’s another gooseneck shaped faucet with a handle on the left side as compared to traditional faucets.

We have stainless steel as the principal material with a bronze finish. There is a total of four variants having different sizes but the same finish. The best thing about the head is that it can rotate to 360 degrees and covers more area.

Amazon has regarded it as the best faucet for the kitchen and we have multiple reasons why. First of all, it is really really affordable.

When compared its big names, it less three to four-time cheap without affecting the finish quality. Water flow is streamlined and continuous and single handle control both hot and cold water.

Bronze nickel being a premium finish saves the faucet from corrosion and other tarnish.

And finally, we have a 10-year long warranty of this product which is sufficient time in my opinion. Installation is easy thanks to single hole system.

The package includes all necessary components such as nuts, fittings, and hose for proper installation. I found no lag in the water streaming except for the sprayer angle.

It is little bit uprighted. Other than that, there are no visible shortcomings.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Good Finish
  • Sprayer’s angle is uprighted.

3. Delta Faucet Linden Editor’s Pick:

best kitchen faucetsMasco in early 1950’s started to redesign the traditional faucets and came out with something we call Delta faucets now.

Interestingly, Delta was the first company to advertise for faucets and that took their products to the completely new level of success.

Delta Linden is the latest iteration from Delta which comes with innovative design and beautiful touchless technology.

Linden doesn’t have a very long neck like other competitors in the market.

It comes in two variants with touchless technology being the major difference between them. In terms of finish, we have three different styles namely arctic stainless, chrome and Venetian bronze.

It pulls out type kitchen faucet with a handle at the top. Delta claims that this faucet has 33% higher water flow rate than other taps in the market.

They come with a lifetime warranty which is a bold step to take. Thanks to diamond seal technology (weird name), it can easily be fit into holes without much effort.

Interestingly, this is three-holed faucet so you need to take some extra care will installation. Pull out spout has design ability to swivel to 120 degrees.

The arctic stainless finish makes sure that water leaves no marks on it. It isn’t going to wear out very much soon.

I was shocked to see that hose length isn’t exactly 59 in, instead it is just 54 in.

This isn’t a big issue but they advertised it as 59 inches and it might create a problem for those who look that particular length.

  • Good Finish
  • Impressive Design
  • Short length

4. KOHLER Artifacts One from the best Kitchen Faucets:

best kitchen faucetsWho would have thought that a company started with just $5000 would become leaders in plumbing products?

Kohler was founded by Michael Kohler in 1873 and it has been producing some very good faucets since then.

Kohler Artifacts is a pull-down faucet with a premium price tag and material quality.

This is a long neck faucet with four variants available—Oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, vibrant polish nickel and vibrant stainless steel.

The handle is on the right and it opens and locks by moving lever right and left respectively. We have a polished nickel finish in silver color.

This faucet comes packed with plenty of features. The spray is designed such that it can easily perform various kitchen tasks such as filling, rinsing and cleaning.

Kohler named these spraying as sweep spray, berry soft spray, and aerated steam spray respectively.

Thanks to single hole installation, it can be installed easily without any subsequent effort.

Interestingly, Kohler has introduced DocNetik, a magnetic technology that helps spout move back to its original position. Whether you move it in any direction, it will smoothly glide back to its original position.

This is one of the most expensive faucets I have ever seen. Sure it does have some beautiful features and great design but the price tag is way too much for an average Joe.

Yet it provides with the best performance of spray too. And last but not the least, we have a lifetime warranty which is indeed a very good addition.

  • Best Performance
  • Donetsk Technology
  • High Price

5. Moen Arbor Stainless Finish Faucet:

best kitchen faucetsAnd then we have Moen, a relatively new company that aims at the mixture of budgeted range and quality equally.

Company cleverly used motion sensor technology to grab the customer’s attention that works quite well too.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting before you, the great Moen Arbor.

Moen Arbor doesn’t come with a very clean design but it sure does offer some interesting finish.

Moreover, it is specifically available in only one style: The Stainless Finish. With 15 in height from the base, it has one handle on the right side with traditional design.

This faucet has been named as bestselling touchless faucet on Amazon and we now know why. Spray head smoothly moves in any possible direction.

We all know faucet’s finish usually wears with time but this time we have two better qualities—good finish and touchless technology.

Spot resisting stainless finish keeps the faucet from getting fingerprints or watermarks. And touchless technology makes the process even smoother thanks to motion sensors. You will have to install batteries to keep the sensors running.

We have one-hole installation system that works both for the single hole and tri-holes thanks to escutcheon.

Due to vulnerability with electronics system, we have a five-year warranty. It does look for shorter time span but for touchless technology, it looks pretty much fine to me. I heard few customers complaining about battery life of the sensor.

However, through proper maintenance, you can use it for a longer period.

  • Touchless Technology
  • Easy Installation:
  • Low Warranty

6. Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle:

best kitchen faucetsKraus KPF (getting rid of code to keep the process simple) is a commercial faucet introduced first in 2009.

Thanks to its weird design, it got its use in commercial areas.

Unlike traditional faucets, it comes with fairly long neck covered by high steel spring in a helical manner.

One word to define this faucet is heavy duty. It doesn’t come with a very high price tag yet it has some really good moves.

You won’t be seeing this type of faucet in normal kitchens because it isn’t designed to settle there. It’s a commercial faucet with not so welcoming design.

We have untraditional brass material with chrome finish on it. Handle on the right lock or unlocks by moving it clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.

From the head of the pipe emerges a windpipe that is bounded by helical spring to approximately full length. It is grabbed by the grabber at the end of the pipe. Finally, we have spray head at the other end.

I think despite being odd, it’s an excellent design when we put commercial use in observation. Instead of pulling out the spray head of the pipe, we have already isolated spray head held by the grabber.

Spring keeps the windpipe in an erect position and this gives this faucet a higher flow rate than others. Choosing brass as the building material is also a good design consideration.

It doesn’t get corrode or develops rust easily. Simply grab the spray head and spray anywhere in 360 degrees.

Installation is simple thanks to one hole. One thing hinders me from giving this faucet a 10/10 score and that’s a little bit lower flowrate.

It isn’t exactly 1.8 GPM as Kraus advertised. I think it’s around some 1.3 GPM which I think still needs improvement because we are talking about commercial faucet here.

  • Excellent Build Quality
  • 360 Spray
  • The good price tag for the commercial faucet.
  • A bit lower flowrate.

7. Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden Faucet with Spray:

best kitchen faucetsWe all know Delta is making modifications in designs of conventional faucets just for the sake of innovation and market share grabbing.

It is very uncommon to have a separate spray in addition to the faucet itself but say no more. Delta Linden is the latest iteration by Delta that comes with this luxury design.

There are no changes in design when we compare it with original Delta Linden.

Same short neck with a handle on the top. Even the material has the very same properties.

Available variants are Chrome, Stainless, and Venetian Bronze as well.

The addition to this model is isolated spray which is connected to isolated spray.

Well, I don’t see any major functional improvement but I think it’s nice to have a different design.

Delta Linden with this type of design provides two-way means of water supply. The isolated spray has a push button to flush out water.

Number of holes this time are four which means it can’t fix your traditional system. Make sure you check your old installation system before buying this one.

All other features of original Delta Linden are also present in this model.

And yes we have some bad aspects too. It looks fine from outside but we have plastic inside which of course isn’t a good thing in my opinion.

And secondly, there’s no clear reason why this faucet has a low warranty. Five years isn’t the best deal especially when competitors are offering much more.

  • Luxury Design
  • Low Warranty
  • Plastic Inside

8. Delta Lahara Faucet with two handles:

best kitchen faucetsDelta Lahara is blended with old tradition and new design. You might have seen old faucets with two handles, right?

This time Delta brings Lahara with improved material and finish. And all these features in affordable rate.

Lahara isn’t like most of the faucets I have discussed above. It doesn’t have long extendable spray head you can pull out.

This is just a simple faucet that can deliver proper water supply. Just like other Delta offerings, we have four colors—Champagne Bronze, Stainless, Chrome and Venetian Bronze. Total of two handles is located on both sides of spray.

It looks more like bathroom faucet than a kitchen faucet. But it will work fine on your sink.

This little boy has no comparison with others in terms of performance. It offers 1.2 GPM of flowrate which looks good for faucets at this level.

Delta has introduced water sense technology to counter water wastage, a very good initiative indeed.

Diamond Seal Technology makes sure your faucet gets installed tightly into holes. Talking about the holes, we have the total of three holes.

I think it’s fairly interesting rebranding of two handled design. Handles could be made smaller because they cover so much of the space.

Especially those sinks which have smaller sizes are going to face some restriction on handles. Otherwise, nice spray and fluent flow, that’s all I can say about this faucet.

  • Interesting Design
  • Laminar Water Flow
  • Large Handles

9. Peerless Choice Faucet with rich design:

best kitchen faucetsNow that we have seen multiple big names with their hefty price tags, let me present before you an affordable faucet with rich design.

The peerless choice is a dual handle faucet that comes with an additional spray. Isn’t that cool? 😀

Previously we’ve seen faucets with two handles and those having isolated spray but this one bring both of them together, a very nice approach indeed.

Most of you might have guessed that it’s none other than Delta. One thing I must praise about Delta is their sense of design.

They have produced so many wonderful designs that even I was having harder time shortlisting them for best ten.

Delta’s tagline “See what Delta can do” seems interesting here.

So we have one big faucet with the long neck. It is surrounded by two handles on both sides. These handles have sloped design and same finish as the faucet.

And lastly, we have spray at a bit more distance than handles. There are two different finishes available—Chrome and Stainless. Chrome looks bright while Stainless promises for long time finish. I personally prefer chrome for kitchens.

Talking about features, we have normal 1.8 GPM water flow rate as in case of other faucets. The total number of holes are four which is also the maximum number a faucet be installed.

That’s pretty much obvious from the design that it won’t be installed in your 1 hole or 2 hole sink. Just like other Delta products, it also comes with water sense technology to save water.

This is a budget faucet and I really don’t expect some modern features such as Touchless technology etc. from it.

But still, it’s a very nice faucet with above average features and characteristics. Within one month of use, I found no bad moves for the boy. And this thing in affordable range and rich style.

  • Wonderful Design
  • Additional Spray
  • None

10. VAPSINT Three-Hole Faucet:

It might be odd to include this one on the list but I found it very eye-catching.

This is actually bathroom faucet but it goes well with the kitchen too. Have you been the fan of old traditional style faucets?

If so, this one is probably for you. Vapsint faucet, unlike other faucets, comes in blackish color.

My bad, this faucet doesn’t come with extra options. We have a brass faucet with oil rubbed bronze finish.

Other than that, we have no other options to choose from.

  • You might have seen old small pots, right?
  • That’s exactly how this faucet looks at the bottom?

Both handles and spray are supported this these pot like structures and they look really nice.

This is three-hole faucet so check your old faucet before buying this one.

Vapsint claims that oil rubbed bronze finish can survive corrosion and tarnish and 800k times opening and closing.

It is backed by Vapsint’s lifetime warranty.

For the price, it clearly overperforms in terms of material quality and water flow.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rich Design
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • 800k times opening and closing
  • None

How To Install Kitchen Faucet:

Now that you have bought the faucet of your choice, the next step is to install it correctly.

Get yourself packed with the following material first:

  • Wrench
  • Water Pot
  • Plumber Tape
  • Faucet
  • Knife
First of all, we need to remove the old one. For this purpose, turn off all the water valves so that it doesn’t pour out with pressure. Keep small water pot under the water connection to keep water from wastage.

Now use a wrench to loosen the faucet’s nuts. Take out the old faucet and rub the whole surface. At this stage, half of our work is done.

Next thing we are gonna do is to install our new faucet. Place the metallic gasket over the faucet holes and cover them. Insert faucet pipelines into holes.

Move down the sink and apply nuts and bolts to tighten the faucet. Now connect the water supply lines and turn on the valves. Be sure to check for the leakage at this point.

If you find water dripping, repeat the process from step two for better installment. Water leakage may affect the surface finish of the faucet, making it dull within a quick period of time.

Hey, we are not done yet. We have yet to replace the aerator. It exists at the head of the faucet. Close water supply again and replace yet. And yes, we are all set to go.

Latest Innovations in Faucets:

We have gone through revolutionizing changes in different household equipment and faucets are no exception.

Engineers have gone through different technologies that can make more good use of faucets.These features add extra cost to the price but they are worth using.

Motion Sensor:

We have discussed it above too that motion sensor faucets sense human skin.

You don’t need a lever here to operate it. Simply move your hand closer and it will start pulling out water.

Repeat the same process and it will stop. This is little bit expensive technology but it’s impressive.

Steady Flow:

We often complain about the turbulent flow of water from the faucet but say no more. Steady flow technology continuously adds air into the water to make it laminar and that feels good.

It has some major internal design changes such as adding layers of sheets in the path of water.

Antibacterial Action:

Some companies have introduced anti-bacterial action into faucets.

It adds the amount of ozone into flowing water that kills bacteria without affecting the quality of water. It isn’t suitable for kitchen though but it can go with washrooms.

Wrapping it Up:

This packs up our list of best kitchen faucets. I had installed all faucets in series in our testing laboratory where our team tested them for four weeks. Above mentioned faucets are chosen on the base of style, material quality, water flow and final design.

Delta has been my favorite brand throughout the whole process thanks to its unique and uncommon ideas. Nonetheless, all these faucets have solid strengths to pass your five or ten years easily.

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