Best Shower Heads 2021 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Shower Heads 2021

Personal hygiene is an important part of our nature. We take a bath every day, wear new and clean clothes frequently, wash our car, sweep our homes and the list goes on. Water constitutes a major portion of the cleaning process. Keeping in mind our daily haste, we can’t spend much of our time for proper cleaning and at that point, technological inventions come handy. For example, last month I was at the supermart near my home, buying a kitchen faucet. Now oily layer and hard stains are difficult to remove, so I tried to buy one with powerful yet smooth spray.

Best Shower Heads

The same is the case with our bathroom showers. Traditional shower heads often get the victim to leakage and low-pressure sprinkle. We have two main problems here—Pressure loss and water loss. US Department of Energy has given the best shower heads rating of 2.5 GPM to save water from wastage. Furthermore, it also saves the fuel by a great margin as the heater doesn’t have to heat the water at a faster rate. Showerheads following the above-mentioned guidelines are labeled as Water Sensing best Showerheads.

Best High-Pressure Showerheads:

Take a look at the reviews below to find the best shower head on the market.

  1. Speakman Anystream (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Waterpik Power Spray – Bathroom Showerhead
  3. Delta Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead
  4. High Sierra’s All Metal Showerhead
  5. Take A Shower Best Shower Head
  6. AirJet High-Pressure Showerhead
  7. Wantba High-Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head
  8. YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head
  9. Detachable High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head
  10. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Shower-Head

Okay, now that we have everything cleared, let’s head towards our best picks. We had a team of fifteen customers and two experts for this purpose. A total number of selected best shower heads were 32 and they were tested for three weeks. Below there, we have a quick comparison chart that might help you in quick selection.

1. Speakman Anystream (Editor’s Choice)

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Best shower heads


  • Good Build Quality
  • Great Variety
  • Powerful Spray
  • Expensive

Speakman Anystream is the signature of Speakman’s showerheads and is considered as a standard and best shower heads in most of the countries. It comes in a variety of spray styles and finishes. Before getting deep into characteristics and properties.

This showerhead has a conical shape with a handle attached to the right. We have plenty of options to select from Brushed Nickle, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Polished Nickle, and Matte Black. There are two variants available—one works with 2.0 GPM while the other has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

Thanks to handling, you can adjust the pressure of water flowing. Furthermore, you can rotate the head in any direction approximately. The company claims that this showerhead can induce six different types of jets in 48 different styles. I tested four different streams namely Intense, Rain, Flood, and Jet. Each of them performed differently yet amazingly.  Furthermore, it readjusts itself accordingly if it faces low pressure or flow rate.

Material quality is good and the finish lasts longer. Even more, Speakman provides a limited lifetime warranty.  Anystream tops our list of the best high-pressure showerhead. Looking for quality spray, this one has the potential to fulfill both criteria.

2. Waterpik Power Spray – Bathroom Showerhead

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Waterpik Power Spray - Bathroom Showerhead


  • Inexpensive
  • Above Average Spray
  • Installation is easy
  • No Variants Available.
  • Limited Movement

Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly collectively manufactured the world’s first oral irrigator and formed a manufacturing company name Waterpik. Waterpik has been producing first-class bathroom accessories since its birth and this showerhead is an excellent example of their extraordinary products.

Now, this isn’t something very common. It doesn’t have a very wide spray plate on the face. There are the twenties of spray shooters on the face. The overall body is made up of metal with chrome finish on it. And no, there are no variants available for this model. It is supported by a thin pipe tube at the back.

It is very easy to underestimate the spray area of this shower head due to the small faceplate. But this isn’t exactly the case. Despite being a smaller faceplate, it showers up to a wide range thanks to OptiFlow technology. It can be customized into five different spray types. Spray jet is powerful enough to produce speedy cleansing. If you find water losing pressure, you can rub the plate surface to remove debris out of it. One area where I found it little bit lagging is the mist spray. It doesn’t really look like mist to me instead it’s a slow rain. Anyways, it’s a budgeted shower head that performs more than its cost.

3. Delta Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead

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Delta Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead


  • Water Sense Technology
  • Temperature Sense Technology
  • Not many stream style

Who isn’t aware of Delta’s amazing faucets? Delta produces some of the best kitchen and bathroom faucets and they are known best for their faucets. That’s why they have named this shower head as Delta Water Amplifying Faucet. Interesting hah?

Unlike other Delta products, it lacks innovation in simple words. I mean we have seen so many faucets with weird yet impressive designs by Delta and for this one, I was expecting something extraordinary too.

But anyways, the material has the same good quality. It features four jet spray holes made up of black plastic.

It can rotate to full 360 degrees which is really nice indeed. Talking about the pressure, it really shows what exactly is the high-pressure showerhead. Installation is easy and smooth and doesn’t require much effort. Delta has labeled as WaterSense and best shower heads which means it will save water from getting wasted. Furthermore, due to the large hole size, it won’t get clogged due to debris or dirt particle. And finally, we have five year Delta warranty which is enough to test the quality.

4. High Sierra’s All Metal Showerhead

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High Sierra's All Metal Showerhead


  • Water Saving
  • Low Flowrate
  • Slow Heating

It might be weird to consider buying a low flow showerhead but High Sierra says no. This showerhead features 1.5 GPM of flow rate but knows how to use it efficiently. Furthermore, it has some quality features that might help you change your previous choice.

I must appreciate the luxury and unique design of this showerhead. But doesn’t it really look like a shower head with this design? My answer is no but that isn’t a very good criterion to measure performance. It features a cylindrical head with fine chrome finish. Other variants include nickel, oil bronze, and brass. If you spend a few more bucks, you can get an additional component known as the Trickle valve which controls the amount of water flowing.

To be very honest this isn’t the best shower head when we talk about different types of sprays. But yes we have some of the best features too. Producing a powerful stream by just using 1.5 GPM isn’t an easy thing. This way it also saves water and hence the Water Sense Technology. High Sierra claims that this showerhead consumes 40% less water than traditional competitors. And finally, build quality doesn’t seem to have any major issues.

Water-saving however also creates a problem when it comes to heating and that’s a common problem with all Water Sense best showerheads. Other than that, kudos to the High Sierra for producing a quality product.

5. Take A Shower Best Shower Head

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Best shower heads 4


  • Luxury Design
  • Works with Low Flowrate
  • Expensive

Well, it seems that apparently there aren’t many big names producing good and best shower heads but that isn’t a black and white case. Take A Shower is a new name in the market but it has shown some guts by producing good washroom products that lie in the premium price range.

We have a total of three colors available in two different sizes. We have a chrome finish in short and long models and the same goes for nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. I personally like chrome for its brightness but oil rubbed bronze is the one that withstands wear and tears for a long time. The difference between the two models is generally of size with no other exception. The company claims that this is a luxury shower head for luxurious bathrooms.

Talking about performance, it is designed specifically for water with a low flow rate. It pressurized them to produce high-pressure streams and jets. Moreover, you may find its frequent use in water massaging where high-pressure laminar flow water is required.

It seems to be a bit more expensive because most of our showerheads lie in a $10-40 price range but still not a bad deal especially when you are looking for an appealing design for your bathroom. If you are looking for longer life, go for oil rubbed bronze. While you have to pay some extra bucks for it but it really worths it.

6. AirJet High-Pressure Showerhead

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AirJet High-Pressure Showerhead



  • Internal Vacuum Valve
  • Fuel Conservation
  • None

I was thinking that Speakman has no good replacement and I was right up to go some extent. However, there are some models available which although do not perform up to that value but still worth buying. AirJet High-Pressure Shower head is the latest iteration from Wet Brush.

Unlike other cheap and best shower heads, it has a very big spray head with chrome finish. However, I found its finish to be very dull which is quite rare for chrome finished metal. We have a very interesting name “AirJet” and a good reason for that name too.

It is a high-pressure shower head with a low flow rate that uses air to pressurize water. The company claims it saves 40% of the water from wasting and 20% of gas as part of heating. But that isn’t the only way it pulls out water with that much pressure. Wet Brush has introduced an internal vacuum valve that creates a vacuum, drawing more water out.

I really like how this showerhead pressurized water without crossing governmental limits. Using a vacuum is a very nice idea indeed. Furthermore, it conserves water and fuel as well. And finally, this product is well priced.

7. Wantba High-Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head

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Wantba High-Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head



  • High-Pressure Steam
  • Covers Wide Area
  • Water Wastage

Well, there are still some best shower heads available with old traditional designs and Wantba knows that. However, it isn’t the same old shower head because Wantba has employed some of the rich new technology to prepare an interesting blend.

This showerhead comes with a large circular faceplate made up of high-grade ABS material. There are a total of 57 rubber jet nozzles on the plate for high-pressure water throwing. Interestingly, it’s been named Rainfall Massage Showerhead which is worth noting.

Talking about the pressure, it pulls out water through small nozzles in a sharp manner. Available in only chrome finish, it is one affordable shower head with a premium look. With 2.5 GPM of flow rate, it ensures that there’s no lag in the flow and with my personal experience I can say that it really looks like a rainfall. Six inches wide faceplate covers most of your body area. And finally, the material looks pretty much sturdy to endure water effects.

One thing that I noticed that it consumes a great amount of water than the average showerhead which means more fuel consumption to heat it. It isn’t that much noticeable but I felt that it is advertised wrongly so it would be useful if you look at this aspect too. Other than that, a nice price and wide showering make it a perfect choice.

8. YOO.MEE High-Pressure Best Handheld Shower Head

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YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head



  • Detachable
  • Turbo Charging
  • High Pressure
  • Dull Finish

Yoo Mee showerhead is an excellent example of how a low profile water can create a high-pressure stream. To be very honest, it doesn’t feature any exceptional or new features but I included it on the list due to its calm and laminar spray.

It features a wide faceplate with the twenties of spraying nozzles on it. Just below nozzles, we have a small handle to control the water inlet. While the company didn’t mention the exact flow rate of the showerhead but from personal experience I assume it to be around 2.0 GPM which is really nice indeed.

Impressively, it’s a hand handle shower head which means you can pull it out and spray on any area directly. Not many best shower heads come with this type of design. Moreover, water temperature distribution remains effective thanks to 2X Turbocharge. I was surprised to see that Yoo.Mee has provided some of the additional components like a hose, bracket, and Teflon tape. Additionally, the Water Sense principle also works efficiently here.

When I asked my team about the flow rate, the result was up to mark as advertised. It works great for low profile water and produces a high-pressure water stream using the aerated system. Installation is easy and takes no effort. I think it is one good showerhead with an affordable price. Yes, it doesn’t have any luxury look but for average Joe, this one won my recommendation for sure.

9. Detachable High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

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Detachable High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head



  • Water Filtration
  • Innovative Design
  • Poor Material

Have you ever thought that water coming to your tap might be contaminated? Well, it’s not a very well known issue in cities because the government is taking some serious measures to counter water pollution but sure it remains a threat. Keeping this problem in view, Zenfresh has developed this shower head with the perfect filtration system.

Talking about the design, I think that’s how I can easily define uniqueness. ZenFresh has introduced water stone-like geometry into the structure at a different point, covered by a transparent plastic shell. But they aren’t there just for beauty, they have a very important role infiltration and improving water quality. They are actually bioactive stones that reduce oil factors from the water body to keep the skin smooth.

Furthermore, water is filtered throughout the pipe before coming out of the spray head. Water conservation doctrine is also present here for a very obvious reason. And I almost forgot to tell you about the detachment feature. It is a handheld showerhead so you can easily remove it out of the pipe.

And then there’s a big BUT! We have some material quality issues here ladies and gentlemen. You see this is a plastic material with a lot of induced additional components. Yes, it looks very nice with them but it doesn’t have the capability to hold everything all together. Maybe not made for sturdy use but still anyways, it has some potential and some great ideas about how we can proceed with showerheads in the future.

10. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Shower-Head

This is box title

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Shower-Head




  • 24 different water flowing patterns
  • Easy Installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • Plastic Material

And this one is our last and special shower head that has two faces. Well, we hate the two-faced man but that’s not the case with this best shower heads. Newer companies have shown more potential than established big names when we talk about new features and technologies.

Describing this design in words might be a little bit difficult. We have basically two showerheads supported by two pipes in which water flow independent of each other. The overall body is made up of ABS with a small portion of stainless steel occupying. The chrome finish looks very bright.

Using two showers at a time, you can create approximately 24 different water flowing patterns which are a nice step indeed. There are basically five spray modes namely wide rain, power massage, stay warm mist, eco rain and pause mode and each of them works perfectly as named. They can be adjusted in any angular direction. Furthermore, you have the option to choose which showerhead you want to use. Our showerhead is supported by a 10-year long warranty.

I must appreciate the build quality that despite being a plastic material, it shows the strength of steel. Installation is easy and requires no additional tools. If you are a fan of the double head shower head, believe me, you aren’t going to find any good replacement for this one.

Things You Should Know About Best Shower Heads

Why Need a New and Best Shower heads?

Let’s try to figure out why do we need to replace your traditional shower head. First of all, traditional shower heads work seamlessly for a good length of time and don’t need frequent replacement. They show wear and tear effects with the passage of time. The most prominent issues we encounter are pressure loss and water loss. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Pressure Loss:

Pressure loss can be defined as loss of water potential due to numerous errors. It can be explained physically more easily. Let us consider some of the key factors causing pressure losses.

  • Most commonly dirt and dust get into the showerhead causing a blockage. Moreover, when this debris gets wet, it causes even more clogging.
  • Leakage is an obvious reason for pressure losses. If your shower isn’t carefully adjusted, it may result in leakage and we all know the rest of the story.

Water Loss:

Water loss is pretty much evident here. Leakage is one clear reason here. As told above, the Department of Energy has already limited water flow to 2.5 GPM. Previously, it used to be some 5.5 GPM but the US government revised the value after the Environmental Protection Agency reported that water losses account for 1.2 trillion gallons per year.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”hide-icon”]Consumer Reports claim that this is the 1/6 of the total water Americans consume for bathing and that’s alarming.[/alert]

What is a High-Pressure Showerhead?

Pressure losses give rise to a new topic—what exactly is a high-pressure showerhead? Such a showerhead which delivers high potential water at constant flowrate is known as a high-pressure showerhead. We can pressurize the water in two ways:

  • By condensing spray for a powerful shower
  • By introducing air into the pressure chamber to pull out water at a faster rate.

We will discuss these two aspects in our top ten best list. The high-pressure showerhead has various advantages over a lower pressure one. It can reduce water wastage by introducing less water at the greater potential. Moreover, it can remove dirt from your body with great ease. So at this point, we are pretty much clear why we need a high-pressure showerhead.

Types of Showerheads:

The next thing we are going to do is to decide which type of showerhead we are looking for. There are three major designs here:

Single-Setting Models:

There are different patterns of water flow. For instance, mist, jet, stream, and many more. A single setting model consists of only one mode. You can’t change the mode. They fall in the economic range and suit for budget-oriented users.

Multi-Setting Models:

These models are exhibit rich combinations of different modes named above. You can change the mode as per your choice. Pressure can vary with respect to the mode.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”hide-icon”]For example, you don’t expect high pressure, do you? They are expensive and offer many customizations.[/alert]

Shower Towers:

Shower towers seem to be more like commercial showerheads than we use commonly. It includes many showerheads at a time and comes with many options. However, we have one problem here. The limit of 2.5 GPM still stands here which means it can’t work with that efficiency as it used to do. But anyways, nice improvement.

Modern Showerheads:

Apart from traditional showerheads, modern showerheads have shown some real potential thanks to the latest technologies. You may also consider these features while buying one for your washroom.

  • Manual handling is a new feature through which you can move shower spray anywhere around yourself. This way you can shower in any specific area.
  • Rain showers are a luxury feature that gives rain like experience thanks to the large and wide spray head. It shows the laminar behavior of water flow.
  • Aerated showerheads work by introducing air into the water stream, making it pressurized even at low flowrate. Having higher pressure means they won’t produce any mist-like effect, saving yours from moisture in the humid environment.

Criteria for Selection:

An important question arises here and that is what is the criteria of selection for buying a perfect showerhead. Our buying guide mostly follows these factors.

Type of Water Stream: This is one important parameter. I’ve listed some water streams above such as mist, jet, pressured water, narrow stream. Choose which works best for you. For normal bathing, I recommend the laminar stream. Moreover, if you wish to spend a few more bucks, you can go for a multi-setting showerhead which can change water mode according to your choice.

Flowrate: Let’s keep this in mind that we have a 2.5 GPM limit. Physically testing showed us that even this much flowrate is too much higher for average use. This makes it our next important factor. What is your preference here? Most high-pressure showerheads come with a flow restrictor that keeps water in a certain limit. You can remove it for sure but that isn’t legal anymore.

Build Quality: And last but not least, the material quality is just as important as other things on the list. Buying cheap material can cost you additional money because we can’t guarantee its life. I took the material as an important consideration in my top ten list.

How to Install a Showerhead?

Fortunately, installation and replacing shower head isn’t a very hard process here and you aren’t required to hire a plumber for this task. You basically need only two things—wrench and plumber’s tape. Follow these steps accordingly for better and easy installation.

  • Use a wrench to unscrew the old showerhead.
  • Remove the old plumber tape.
  • Carefully cleaning the ring and reapply new plumber tape.
  • Again adjust the new showerhead using a wrench.
  • Note that the above-mentioned process works for single-setting and multi-setting models. Showerheads, however, require your plumber’s expertise.

Wrapping it Up:

And that concludes our top ten best list for the high-pressure showerhead. Speakman is widely available and widely used by all. Other than that, I tried my best to include some affordable and innovative models as well. What are your recommendations? Drop it in the comments section below. 😉

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